Thank you for visiting our donation page we rely solely on funds raised through our shop and fundraising efforts.

We are grateful for any donation that you can give to our cause – be it items to sell in our shop, donations made in the shop, or online using the Donate button below.

Your donations will go towards our Vet bills, food and litter for the cats that we take into our care. It will also help us buy traps, cat carriers, scanners and bedding for the use of the Cats Whiskers.

Should you be able to donate more than £5.00 please key in the number of multiples of £5.00 you’d like to give. For example, if you want to donate £20 you would key in 4 next to the PayPal button.


Charitable Donation

Thank you for helping us with our mission of creating a care and rehoming centre.


If you would like to chat to us please visit our shop, we’d love to meet you.  If you have any questions on what goods we accept for selling in or shop please call 01259 928280 for advice from one of our volunteers