You want your new cat to be happy in your home.

One of the main advantages of adopting a cat from a rescue centre is that the rescue workers will have had time to get to know each cat’s temperament and personality, so they can help find you a successful match.

If you have dogs the rescue workers will help you to find a cat that has come from homes where they have experience of living with dogs; you may have a busy home with children and so are looking for a cat that’s not timid and is used to kids being around;  you may like a cat that’s come from the home of an elderly person and who will be happiest staying close by you, or you may want a cat that is used to sharing a home with other cats.

Why are there Rescue and Rehoming Centres?

The majority of cats that find their way to a Rescue and Rehoming Centre are as a result in a change of their owners circumstances. The reasons are varied but we’ve listed a few below:

  • Changes in owners relationships & jobs
  • Changes in owners finances and/or accommodation
  • Older cats who’s owners can no longer look after them
  • Unchipped pets who have become lost
  • Neglect/abandonment 
  • Unplanned litters