We are a group of cat loving volunteers doing our best to raise funds as a new, small, local, independent charity:  we believe every cat deserves a safe and loving home and our aim is to try to make that happen in the Clackmannanshire area.

We are not connected to any other cat charity, but we have worked with several charities locally to help cats.  Its all about the cats.

Ways to help us are: volunteer in our shop at 58 Stirling Street, Alva FK12 5EA, make a donation, hand in items for us to sell in our shop, or if you’re coming along to browse our shelves for a bargain.  Whatever the reason we’ll be delighted to meet you.

Please note: We can’t take electrical, videos, buggies or child car seats

We have helped several families since opening to rehome their beloved cats by Direct Homing.  We’ve also built up a small group of fosterers whish allows us to now take cats into care.  Our aim is that one day we will have a very much needed Rescue and Rehoming cat centre in the Hillfoots area.